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    Sawyer Design vs. Standard Companies

    Like most contractor jobs the speed and quality are worth the pay. I can usually code 2x faster, so at $100 / hour it is really $50 an hour in comparison to what you would pay other companies.

    My process cuts out the inefficient time to make sure I know you, your business, and your vision immediately on your own time. This makes it so you can fluidly stop and start as you need then I will put it to life. This allows you to be more flexible and for me to be able to charge less since there is much less in person time wasted.

    A concept that sounds weird to many clients, but flat pricing is always going to be a bad deal. Companies have to account for errors in the design, so when they give you a price then it's usually the price that is twice their projected time to compensate for error time. With hourly, you will get the exact time to accomplish the project. With me you get what you pay for

    With your permission, we show off our new projects on our social media platforms to give us both exposure for great design.

    With many companies there is a significant drop off in talent from their best employees to the worst, here you always get the very best from beginning to end.

    The design and programming language market constantly changes, I am able to shift instantly while other companies would need months to years to adjust to new languages and design styles.

    It is paramount that you get what you want down to the last bit, I make the final step the fine tuning stage where we finish off the deal together. After you gave the exact details then I created it we will go through everything together live on your favorite mode of communication. This is done with your comfort at heart, it is important to both agree on the final product and for you to go through the process without pressure or with it affecting your schedule.

    Sawyer Client Community

     No one knows better about fulfilling goals, like all the businesses, groups, and friends that can give each other unbiased opinion and help to conquer challenges together. Taking your goals or business to the next level by pivoting into a gray area scare us all, learn from those that have been there and done that. This is an optional luxury.

    Sawyer Design is a web design and web development company that also offer services in SEO, social media, web hosting, analytics and small business marketing.
    Sawyer Design is solely run by Nicholas Sawyer and assure you that from start to finish is all his work, no tasks will be outsourced at any point.
    This company is based out of Sevierville, Tennessee.

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