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    Many areas of knowledge, all under the same price.

    Web Design and Development

     As a full stack developer, I am able to fully design websites, apps, or mobile apps to suit your needs. I build everything with scale in mind, which means you are setup to handle as much traffic as possible.

    Analytics and Sales Psychology

     I have good experience in small business analytics and website psychology to optimize for sales. I am well versed in big data, small data, growth hacking concepts, plus much more.


     SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the science of using specific techniques to rank the website higher in searches to drive more traffic. This is crucial long-term.

    Social Media

     Given my sales psychology knowledge, it is very convertible to social media and pushing to create viral material.

    Small Business Marketing

     Small Businesses and Startups are the lifeblood of the economy....however, are incredibly tricky to obtain substantial success and scale.I am able to help put you on a track to get the most out of your money. Standard marketing can be the least value per dollar usage and why so many businesses/products fail.

    Business and Service Investments

     With my strengths typically being in numbers, I can help lend services for businesses that cannot afford my flat prices or just need a partner to be more hands on than just providing a service. This is rare, but I am open to the right deal and situation.

    Sawyer Design is a web design and web development company that also offer services in seo, social media, web hosting, analytics and small business marketing.
    Sawyer Design is solely run by Nicholas Sawyer and assure you that from start to finish is all his work, no tasks will be outsourced at any point.
    This company is based out of Sevierville, Tennessee.

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