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    Full Process in Order

    Form→ Proposal↓
    Design→Final Payment

    The Full Process

    • Submit Detailed Form: Potential client submits detailed website and service request form
    • Suggestions: I will review this and make suggestions based on the logistics if needed
    • Finalize Plan: Once the logistics and details are sorted out, I will send you a digital proposal detailing the cost range in terms of hours
    • 25% Down: If you accept then 25% of the upper range of the proposed cost will be due to begin work
    • Timeline Set: Once payment is recieved, I will start on the project on the date given(usually within that week)
    • Instant Updates: You will be able to see the live updates of the site to be able to critique as we go
    • Final Adjustments: Once the site is done, we will go over everything on it one more time to make sure everything is up to your expectations
    • Done Deal: Once the final payment for the remaining hours worked are paid after deducting the 25% initial payment then the website with be put live immediately

    Sawyer Design is a web design and web development company that also offer services in seo, social media, web hosting, analytics and small business marketing.
    Sawyer Design is solely run by Nicholas Sawyer and assure you that from start to finish is all his work, no tasks will be outsourced at any point.
    This company is based out of Sevierville, Tennessee.

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